A pregnant woman stands in a field and the blog title appears: Improving Healthcare Access for Rural Patients

Improving Healthcare Access for Rural Patients

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EligibilityAdvocates Blog

Improving Healthcare Access for Rural Patients

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2022

Rural patients are still lacking insurance at a higher rate than non-rural patients.

Statistically, patients with inadequate health coverage may delay or forgo medical care due to financial concerns. This includes “underinsured” patients whose health plans can leave them with high out-of-pocket costs that they cannot afford to pay.

Rural patients face other barriers to healthcare access, which may include:

  • Living long distances from healthcare facilities/specialists.
  • Poverty.
  • Provider shortages.
  • Rural facility service cutbacks.
  • Rural hospital closures.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these issues for rural healthcare.

Hope for Rural Healthcare: Improving Healthcare Access for Rural Patients

A pregnant woman stands in a field and the blog title appears: Improving Healthcare Access for Rural Patients

Together, we can begin improving healthcare access for rural patients in your community.

Addressing potential financial issues for rural patients and their healthcare organizations can significantly improve healthcare access.

Our proprietary screening software, AdvocatorAI, can empower your employees to assist uninsured patients with identifying existing health coverage or alternate funding sources for their medical bills.

By doing so, you can drastically reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket medical expenses for your patients.

Most importantly, you can provide them with the peace of mind that health insurance or financial assistance brings so that monetary worries no longer inhibit them from accessing care.

Furthermore, you will reduce uncompensated care to improve your revenue cycle and better ensure you won’t have to cut back on services and your providers can continue serving your patients and community.

Why EligibilityAdvocates?

EligibilityAdvocates can help you improve healthcare access for rural patients by enhancing the financial outlook of your patients, your organization, and your community.

Here are just a few reasons to choose EligibilityAdvocates as your rural facility’s partner in patient eligibility services:

  • We operate as an extension of your team, not a replacement: We do not want to take jobs away from your community; we are here to assist your current team members by providing access to resources such as industry-leading technology, clearinghouses, and a support team at our business office for follow-up.
  • All accounts are worked: Our follow-up team works all accounts no matter the balance and all unlinked accounts are closed within 30 days, keeping your A/R days down.
  • Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to serve you and your patients: Utilizing AdvocatorAI, your staff can screen patients to find health coverage or program eligibility in real time while increasing patient engagement and supporting patient advocacy through financial counseling and assistance.
  • Our real-time online reporting platform provides account transparency: Drill down to account-specific detail at any time and easily download reports.
  • Don’t miss out on valuable out-of-state Medicaid reimbursement: We can bill and follow up on out-of-state Medicaid accounts on behalf of your facility and are experienced in all 50+ state Medicaid programs.
  • We believe in impacting communities, one patient at a time: Read our Community Impact Stories to learn how we are making a difference in the communities we serve.

Our complementary goals of promoting patient advocacy and protecting the financial viability of your rural facility go hand-in-hand. Let’s work together and empower your team to break down barriers to healthcare access.

Connect with us. Together, we can begin improving healthcare access for rural patients in your community.

By Stephanie Salmich

A community of hands forms a heart shape around the words “Eligibility REDEFINED.”

Eligibility REDEFINED: EligibilityAdvocates Sets the New Standard in Patient Eligibility

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EligibilityAdvocates Blog

Eligibility REDEFINED:

EligibilityAdvocates Sets the New Standard in Patient Eligibility

Posted on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

At EligibilityAdvocates, we are redefining patient eligibility and enrollment. Our Patient Advocates are raising the bar with higher performance standards, increased patient engagement, and (above all) a heartfelt commitment to patients, hospitals, and their communities.

Read on to learn how we go above and beyond to help our clients and their patients!

Eligibility REDEFINED: The EligibilityAdvocates Difference

A community of hands forms a heart shape around the words “Eligibility REDEFINED.”

EligibilityAdvocates is Eligibility REDEFINED.

On-Site Patient Advocates – Many other patient eligibility companies assist patients via email and phone or transitioned to conducting business remotely this past year. But even during the height of the pandemic, our Patient Advocates met in person (including home visits) with patients to help them obtain health coverage and/or financial assistance and other benefits.

We implemented extensive safety precautions to make this possible to ensure our clients’ patients were able to access the eligibility services they needed – and at a time when many were especially in need of this help. Our face-to-face interactions with patients build trust and result in higher conversion rates.

Expanded Coverage Hours – Patients need help outside of the typical Monday through Friday, “9 to 5” workday, yet most other patient eligibility and enrollment services operate within that timeframe. Our Patient Advocates are available on site, including in the Emergency Department, to help patients at a minimum of 12 hours/day, 6 days/week – and up to 24 hours/day, 7 days/week (based on peak analysis).

Screening Rate of 90 Percent – EligibilityAdvocates screens 90% of our clients’ uninsured patients BEFORE discharge. Patients who are screened and engaged before they leave the hospital are much more likely to follow through with the benefit application process.

We further increase patient engagement through bedside screening, home visits, and in-field patient advocacy. We then follow up with patients through their preferred communication method (e.g., text, email, letter) to keep them engaged as well.

Community Impact & Outreach – Our motto is, “Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time.” Our Patient Advocates are passionate about making a difference in the lives of patients and their communities. This means they go the extra mile to assist patients beyond their medical bills, in any way they can.

For example, our Patient Advocates have:

Additionally, we volunteer our services at community health fairs where we enroll residents in Medicaid or Marketplace insurance plans.

We also create job opportunities; our Patient Advocates are hired locally, expertly trained, and genuinely invested in the well-being of their own community.

Travel Assistance – When patients have no other mode of transportation, we can arrange for travel assistance so that they can meet in person with one of our Patient Advocates or attend a hearing at the Medicaid or Disability Office. This is provided at no cost to the patients or our clients.

All Accounts Worked – Many patient eligibility organizations focus only on the easier or high-balance cases. At EligibilityAdvocates, we work EVERY account across all areas (e.g., inpatient, outpatient, ED) and unlinked accounts are closed within 30 days. We make this commitment to pursuing the tough claims for our clients because we care about each patient and understand the impact this effort will make on your relationship with them.

Out-of-State Medicaid Services – One type of complicated claim which is frequently written off is the out-of-state Medicaid account. We can handle all aspects of out-of-state Medicaid enrollment, billing, and follow-up so that our clients don’t miss out on this substantial form of reimbursement. Our out-of-state Medicaid team has experience in all 50 states’ Medicaid programs.

Technology – EligibilityAdvocates is powered by HealthWare Systems’ patient engagement and revenue cycle technology solutions. HealthWare Systems has been a leading provider of fully integrated, customizable workflow solutions and Revenue Cycle Management software since 1998.

Our proprietary software, AdvocatorAI, is a comprehensive patient screening tool that finds existing coverage in real time and identifies alternative funding sources for patients’ medical bills while supporting patient advocacy through financial counseling and assistance. AdvocatorAI streamlines the benefit application process by producing application forms electronically and auto-populating them with patient data.

We also provide transparency of account status at all times through customizable dashboards, reports, and alerts.

Performance-Based Pricing – Choosing EligibilityAdvocates as your on-site patient eligibility and enrollment service equates to a guaranteed ROI. We offer contingent fee pricing; we are only paid once we’ve successfully helped you collect reimbursement.

Most notably, the return on investment in regard to the impact our services can have on your patients and community is invaluable. At EligibilityAdvocates, we are truly changing lives.

EligibilityAdvocates: Eligibility REDEFINED

EligibilityAdvocates merges cutting-edge technology with the personal and human touch of our expert, on-site Patient Advocates to deliver higher performance standards, increased patient engagement, and a real, lasting impact on the community.

Contact us today to start maximizing patient advocacy at your facility while improving the financial outlook of your patients, organization, and entire community.

By Stephanie Salmich