Missouri Medicaid Expansion

Missouri Medicaid Expansion: More Low-Income Patients Now Qualify for Coverage

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Missouri Medicaid Expansion: More Low-Income Patients Now Qualify for Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled an order in July of 2021 instructing the state to proceed with Medicaid expansion. This will improve healthcare access in Missouri as up to 275,000 low-income residents are expected to gain eligibility.

Missouri Medicaid Expansion

Missouri Medicaid expansion will help more low-income patients at your Missouri hospital gain health coverage.


What Does Missouri Medicaid Expansion Mean for Your Missouri Hospital?

More of your low-income patients will now qualify for health coverage through Missouri Medicaid. Having staff available to screen your patients for eligibility while in house will increase the number of patients who apply and are ultimately approved.

Those who are newly eligible under Missouri Medicaid expansion may now submit their applications, although the state expects to start processing them after October 1, 2021.

While these applications may not be processed until October, it is in your patients’ (and your hospital’s) best interest that eligible patients begin enrolling now. According to the Governor’s Office, “Qualifying health care costs that are incurred by eligible Missourians between the time they apply and when DSS is able to verify their eligibility may be reimbursed at a later date.”

Helping Your Patients Gain Health Coverage Under Missouri Medicaid Expansion

EligibilityAdvocates’ Patient Advocates can screen your patients on site and assist them with the Medicaid application process. We also educate patients on their financial responsibilities and new health coverage. All of our services are free to patients as we are contracted at a performance-based rate with each healthcare facility.

Providing our service to your patients will help ensure that eligible patients are aware that they may qualify for Medicaid and that their applications are completed fully and correctly. Additionally, our Patient Advocates can aid patients in applying for other financial assistance programs that could help cover the cost of their medical expenses and thereby lower your uncompensated care.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your eligible patients gain health coverage under Missouri Medicaid expansion.

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EligibilityAdvocates – New Patient Eligibility Service Powered by HealthWare Systems

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Press Release

EligibilityAdvocates – New Patient Eligibility Service Powered by HealthWare Systems


Elgin, IL:  HealthWare Systems has partnered with a new company, EligibilityAdvocates, which offers patient eligibility and out-of-state Medicaid billing services. The new organization is powered by HealthWare Systems’ revenue cycle technology solutions.

EligibilityAdvocates’ on-site patient eligibility and enrollment service helps self-pay and uninsured patients find and obtain health coverage and/or financial assistance. On-site patient advocates and technology facilitate real-time coverage detection, eligible program screening, and timely account appropriation.

The logo of patient eligibility service and out-of-state Medicaid billing company EligibilityAdvocates.

EligibilityAdvocates – New Patient Eligibility Service Powered by HealthWare Systems

EligibilityAdvocates provides expanded coverage hours and ED staffing and its patient advocates utilize tablets/laptops equipped with the company’s proprietary software AdvocatorAI, a comprehensive screening tool that identifies existing coverage or alternative funding sources for patients’ medical bills while supporting patient advocacy through financial counseling and assistance.

The new company also offers an off-site out-of-state Medicaid service that operates as a performance-based extension of its clients’ revenue cycle teams. EligibilityAdvocates is experienced in all 50 states’ Medicaid programs and handles all aspects of out-of-state Medicaid enrollment, billing, and follow-up so that hospitals don’t miss out on this substantial form of reimbursement.

EligibilityAdvocates reduces health organizations’ uncompensated care and account cycle time, increases self-pay conversions, and provides transparency of account status at all times through customizable dashboards, reports, and alerts.

“HealthWare Systems has always believed in creating patient-first technology and developing solutions that improve the financial outlook for all stakeholders in a health system – including patients, providers, healthcare facilities, and the entire community,” stated Steve Gruner, CEO and Founder of HealthWare Systems. “EligibilityAdvocates has created the perfect opportunity to leverage the power of our ActiveWARE products to drastically reduce patients’ out-of-pocket costs and hospitals’ uncompensated care.”

“I am proud of the EligibilityAdvocates team who have already proven their ability to rise above unprecedented challenges during the pandemic as well as their selfless dedication to patient support, especially during this time when patients and their families need it most,” said Gruner.

Jeff Woody, Chief Revenue Officer at EligibilityAdvocates, agrees and said he looks forward to sharing the inspiring stories of how EligibilityAdvocates’ patient advocates go above and beyond for those they serve:

“At EligibilityAdvocates, our motto is ‘Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time.’ Our patient advocates are truly committed to making a difference in the life of each patient they assist, and they are able to maximize their patient advocacy with the help of HealthWare’s state-of-the-art technology that allows them to more accurately and efficiently serve patients and deliver results.”

To learn more about the patient eligibility service and out-of-state Medicaid billing company, visit www.eligibilityadvocates.com where you will find further details about EligibilityAdvocates’ services, patient resources, and an educational blog covering patient advocacy and out-of-state Medicaid issues.

About HealthWare Systems:

HealthWare Systems is a leading provider of fully integrated, customizable workflow solutions and Revenue Cycle Management software. We specialize in applying robotic process automation (RPA) to healthcare processes to improve both the patient experience and the revenue cycle. Our ActiveWARE suite of products manages pre-arrival, financial assistance, early out, collections, denial management, claims follow-up, and more, and is proven to maximize productivity and profitability so that healthcare teams have more time and resources to spend on quality care.

About EligibilityAdvocates:

EligibilityAdvocates’ patient eligibility and enrollment service utilizes technology proficiencies to enable our patient advocates to optimize one-on-one interaction with self-pay/uninsured patients to reduce uncompensated care. We provide real-time coverage verification, a comprehensive screening tool (AdvocatorAI), and expanded on-site coverage hours. We also offer an experienced off-site team to handle your out-of-state Medicaid enrollment, billing, and follow-up. Our complementary goals of promoting patient advocacy and improving your revenue cycle go hand-in-hand as we strive to create a healthier financial environment for your entire community.

Contact Information:

Name: Stephanie Salmich
Organization: HealthWare Systems
Address: 2205 Point Boulevard, Suite 160, Elgin, IL 60123
Phone: (847) 649-5100