EligibilityAdvocates Excels at Secondary Patient Eligibility Services

Updated: Nov 9

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EligibilityAdvocates Excels at Secondary Patient Eligibility Services


Walnut Creek, CA:  EligibilityAdvocates excels at secondary patient eligibility services. These services maximize reimbursement efforts by providing healthcare organizations with a support team working behind their current primary eligibility vendor or in-house staff.

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EligibilityAdvocates’ secondary patient eligibility services operate as a safety net for recovering all possible revenue opportunities.

With EligibilityAdvocates’ secondary patient eligibility services, clients can extend their resources through an ancillary team of third-party eligibility experts and gain access to EligibilityAdvocates’ exclusive technology solutions.

These solutions include the comprehensive patient screening tool AdvocatorAI which scrubs accounts against major clearinghouses, the real-time online reporting dashboard EA Pulse that provides full transparency of any account status at any time, and a secure online patient portal to increase patient engagement and facilitate communication with Patient Advocates.

Clients also have the option of utilizing a full-time or part-time Patient Advocate on site at outpatient locations and/or in the emergency department to meet with patients in person.

The secondary patient eligibility services function as a safety net for recovering all possible revenue, are non-intrusive to clients’ current processes, and are risk-free at a contingency-based price.

Jeff Woody, Chief Revenue Officer at EligibilityAdvocates, explained that partnering with the organization allows it to become an extension of your team, as opposed to a replacement:

“We empower our clients to fully leverage third-party funding sources for patient accounts – our team assists their own business offices and provides a safety net for opportunities that their primary vendors may miss.”

“Our eligibility services and technology ultimately support our clients and their patients by helping both parties not only financially, but in a very pragmatic way as well,” said Woody.

In addition to promoting the benefits of its secondary eligibility services, EligibilityAdvocates has launched a rural health campaign to highlight how its services improve healthcare access for rural patients and address challenges faced by rural healthcare facilities.

The company continues to offer on-site primary patient eligibility services along with off-site out-of-state Medicaid services for working complex claims.

To learn more, visit www.eligibilityadvocates.com where the “Services” dropdown on the navigation bar now features links to the Secondary Patient Eligibility Services page and Rural Health page.

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EligibilityAdvocates is a service solution specializing in third-party eligibility, designed to manage your self-pay population and reduce uncompensated care. We utilize real-time coverage verification, our comprehensive screening tool (AdvocatorAI), and expanded on-site coverage hours. We also offer complex claims support, disability specialists, and out-of-state Medicaid services through our experienced off-site business offices. Our complementary goals of promoting patient advocacy and improving your revenue cycle go hand-in-hand as we strive to create a healthier financial environment for your entire community. EligibilityAdvocates: Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time.

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Author: Stephanie Salmich

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