EligibilityAdvocates specializes in self-pay / uninsured patient eligibility screening and enrollment services. Our services can reduce uncompensated care. We support patient advocacy and equip our advocates with technology to help them succeed. Our on-site patient advocates paired with our workflow automation technology facilitate real-time scrubbing and eligibility screening.

The more support you offer your patients, the bigger impact you can make on your entire community’s economic outlook. Our patient eligibility services help patients and healthcare facilities financially; plus, we create job opportunities because we hire patient advocates from your local community to fill all our on-site positions.

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Impacting Communities, One Patient At A Time

Including ED Staffing

Hired locally

Up to 24 hours / 7 days a week*.

*based on peak analysis

Patient Engagement

Home visits, bedside and in-field advocacy.

Followed by patients preferred channel of communication, ie: text, email, letter


EVERY account is worked across all areas - Inpatient, Outpatient, ED - and unlinked accounts are closed within 30 days.


Real-time coverage discovery and program screening

Fully Trained

Authorizations (pre and retro), DSH, 340(b), disability, and more

In Real-Time

Client-specific reports with account alerts

AdvocatorAI Screening Tool

Patient advocates are equipped with tablets and meet with the patient at bedside to initiate the screening process immediately utilizing our proprietary software AdvocatorAI. AdvocatorAI is our patient screening tool, designed to find existing coverage or identify alternative funding sources for patients' medical bills while supporting advocacy through financial counseling and assistance.

  • Day One: Scrub all accounts against major clearing houses, state programs, and our own proprietary database
  • Compatible with all major HIS systems
  • Application forms produced electronically
  • All data captured is encrypted (at rest and in transit)
  • Intermediate saves – information delivered to process/workflow engine for analysis and follow-up
  • HL7 capabilities
  • Utilizes 270/271 with instant results


Providing a Valuable Service to your Community

  • Screen your uninsured/self-pay patients for disability using our proprietary software AdvocatorAI
  • Appeals Level 3: Hearing before Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)
  • Advocates work closely with treating physician, will utilize medical history, and work history to build a case
  • Provide transportation to and from appointments for patients
  • Once disability is approved, the hospital may bill Medicaid or Medicare
  • Reduces re-admissions and boosts your DSH thresholds
disability application assistance

All our solutions are HIPAA-compliant and will adhere to your organization’s specific procedures and compliance standards.

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