Partnering with EligibilityAdvocates allows our team to become an extension of yours, never a replacement. We empower your current business office with industry-leading technology and support you with an experienced follow-up team at our dedicated office. Addressing potential financial issues for rural patients and their healthcare organizations can significantly improve healthcare access. We offer CAH facilities technology to help increase patient eligibility enrollment conversion rates.

1 in 6 rural adults ages 19-64 is uninsured*

Improving Healthcare Access for Rural Patients

  • Access to industry-leading technology, clearinghouses, and a support team
  • All accounts are worked and unlinked accounts are closed within 30 days – keeping A/R days down
  • Our technology is designed to serve you and your patients – screen, increase engagement, and support advocacy
  • Out-of-State Medicaid – don’t miss out on this valuable reimbursement
rural nurse

Patient Engagement + AdvocatorAI

AdvocatorAI can be used by your team to screen uninsured patients to identify existing coverage or alternate funding sources for their medical bills. Our solutions support patient advocacy through financial counseling and assistance.

Real-Time Dashboards + Transparency

Real-time online dashboards give you the capability to drill down to account-specific information at any time. We provide front-end communication with our staff and easy Excel download of reports.

Out-of-State Medicaid

Experienced in all 50+ states, we can bill and follow up on all out-of-state Medicaid accounts on behalf of your facility. We offer contingent fee pricing and enrollment at no additional charge.

* Source: Census Bureau, 2016; analysis of American Community Survey (ACS), 1-year estimates, 2019.

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