We have partnered with HealthWare Systems to offer state of the art technology for our patient advocates with our screening tool and workflow automation. We also offer real-time dashboard reporting, enabling you to plan as the uninsured populations.

AdvocatorAI - Patient Eligibility Screening

  • Convertible laptops / tablets – HIPAA compliant, Database of programs, HL7 for real-time notes
  • Application forms produced electronically, using forms automation software
  • Photo feature can capture images of supporting items
  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Intermediate saves of information are delivered to process/workflow engine for analysis/follow-up

Reporting - Collaborative Transparency

EA reporting

Our online real-time dashboard reporting tool offers:

  • System wide or specific hospital real-time dashboard
  • Facility comparisons
  • Account drill-down capabilities
  • Easy Excel report download
  • Real-time alerts
  • Communication with the on-site staff

State-of-the-Art Technology Designed to Serve You & Your Patients

Our technology solutions, powered by HealthWare Systems, enable our patient advocates to serve your patients with care and efficiency. The interactive workflow platform seamlessly integrates with your current systems to not only identify financial assistance opportunities for patients, but also manage the application process for them. ​

workflow automation
  • Scrubbing of Patient Information – automatically finds any existing coverage
  • All Programs – we search and update all programs available – county, state, and federal
  • Electronic Forms – pre-populated electronic application forms
  • Aggregation – all data aggregated for real-time system access

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